Haaland reveals two main reasons he turned down Madrid before joining Man City

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Norwegian striker Erling Haaland has revealed two main reasons. He turned down a move to Real Madrid and join Premier League champions Manchester City.

 Erling Haaland has revealed the fact he is comfortable and relaxed in England. It believes Manchester City will help leverage the best in him. And that are the two main reasons why he turned down Real Madrid. They moved to the Premier League champions this summer. The highly sought-after striker has been a lifelong Man City fan. Also credits his father Alf-Inge for his role in making this decision.

         Manchester City have beaten all of Europe’s top clubs and grabbed Haaland’s signature. After paying Dortmund’s £51million release clause in early May. The 21-year-old is set to move to Spain. It is understood that Real Madrid is one of the favorite teams. However, the Bundesliga striker decided to choose the Blues. And referred to the key factors behind his decision to move the team. which arose with the help of his father As he once played for Manchester City , Haaland revealed: UFABET

          “First of all, it’s a little bit about my father.” “I was born in England. i am a manchester fan City for life I know a lot about this club. I think in the end it’s because of two things: I feel comfortable. and relax like at home And I think I can develop and bring out the best in me at Man City.” “He (Alf-Inge) used to live in England. He plays for this club, of course, a lot of things have changed in the last 20 years but he used to live here. So he knows what it is.” how it is What is best for me, what is it, what is it and try to find everything He was a good father in that regard.”

          Haaland tweeted on Friday June 10, expressing his excitement for the start of his next football game while also expressing his gratitude to his father. The subject has uploaded two pictures of himself as a child. While wearing a Manchester City shirt with the word “DAD” on the back with the caption. “Please look forward to the next episode…” with “Coming Soon” emoji and a blue heart.

          Alf-Inge spent three seasons with Manchester City between 2000 and 2003, where he made 47 appearances and scored three goals. Father Haaland also spent time with Nottingham Forest and Leeds, Erling’s birthplace. But his days in England were hampered by the injury he sustained in a clash with Manchester United ‘s Roy Keane, but for his son Haaland, he had already surpassed his father’s success. Scored 86 goals in 89 appearances for Dortmund. As for the national team, their form has been equally good, most recently scoring twice in Norway’s 3-2 win over Sweden, bringing the total to 20 goals in 21 games for the national team.