Explain the best and safest Baccarat 1324 formula 2022, the chance of winning is very high

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Hello all readers In this article, I will teach you the 1324 Baccarat formula. Which is a formula for making money and It is popularly used around the world. I didn’t make up my own mind. After studying and trying it out. It works great. Personally, I think that it is better to use it than to spend money randomly. Making money using the 1324 Baccarat formula helps to increase the chances of winning. It’s safer. 

How to use Baccarat Formula 1324

divided into 4 eyes,

  • first eye down 1
  • if win, second turn down 3
  • if win, third eye down 2
  • If wins, fourth turn down 4

It may be said that

  1. If the bet wins, you bet on the next turn in order.
  2. If the bet loses, you go back to starting at 1.
  3. If all 4 bets win, you go back to starting 1 again, making a profit of 10 times.

I have tried to design a table to make it easy for Thai people like us to understand.

Retained earnings after winning04610
if win profit*1324
if lost, wasted money1200
Residual profit if loss0022

* Estimated profit Because if you land on the banker side, you will only get 0.95 times.

Teach me to look at the table. Let’s use simple numbers.

1st eye bet 1 baht

  • If I win, I will make a profit of about 1 baht.
  • Retained profit after winning 0 baht
  • If it loses, the principal will be lost 1 baht and there is no profit remaining (0 baht).
  • There is no profit left because he just played his first turn.

2nd eye bet 3 baht

This is to take an additional 1 baht of initial capital for a total of 2 baht + 1 baht of profit received in the first round.

  • If I win, I will make a profit of about 3 baht.
  • Retained profit after winning the total of rounds 1 and 2 is 4 baht.
  • If I lose, I will lose only 2 baht of the principal, only the capital, and 1 baht in the profit of the first round.
  • Absolutely no profit

3rd eye bet 2 baht

Only take profits to play. The profit from the last turn is 4 baht.

  • If you win, you will get a profit of about 2 baht.
  • We have a retained profit after winning a total of 6 baht.
  • If we lose, we will lose the principal of 0 baht. End of the game.
  • We will have a residual profit if we lose 2 baht. Can you see how we get profit in the 3rd turn?

4th eye bet 4 baht

Take profits to play as usual. The profit from the previous eye that we have 6 baht, see the table.

  • If we win, we will get a profit of about 4 baht.
  • Earn a retained profit after winning a total of 10 baht.
  • If we lose, we will lose the principal of 0 baht End of the game.
  • Remaining profit if we lose 2 baht the 4th eye loses we still get profit.
Baccarat Formula 1324 Baccarat Formula 2019

Chance of winning according to the formula

Bet units, respectively.1324
chance to win50%25%12.5%6.25%
Baccarat Formula 1326 Baccarat Formula 1324
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Analysis of Baccarat Formula 1324

The events that cause the formula to work

  1. Consecutive wins 3 times in a row 2 times in a row
  2. Win a lot, rarely lose (a lot of profit)

bad performance event

  1. Losing some winning some alternating with each other. (not much chance)
  2. Losing 3 times in a row, 2 times (not many chances of losing)
  3. Losing a lot really lucky (not much chance)

Recipe overview

This formula has the intention. Try to find a way to win at least 2 out of 4 in a row. Even the 3rd and 4th time you lose money. However, you will be rewarded with at least 2 units. The probability of winning consecutively is up to 25%. Aim well. Shouldn’t be too difficult And if you lose, you have a chance of losing only 1 to 2 of your own money each round. Your money will continue to increase. If you use this formula Is there a chance of losing? 

Formula Risks

This formula is the one with the least   risk (1/5 risk) . If you interested membership with us UFABET