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“There is a martingale formula , and there is still a super martingale?!!” Today I found the super martingale baccarat formula from a foreign website, so I was interested in saying that it would be good. Than the martingale we know? Will it work the same as the martingale I used? full of questions Wait this article I’ll explain it to you. Let’s follow.

Baccarat super martingale formula Baccarat super martingale formula

Explain Baccarat Super Martingale Formula

  1. Bet 1 unit at a time, as long as you win, the next turn will only drop 1 unit.
  2. And every time you lose, you increase the bet in the next turn to 2 times the loss. So that when it wins, it will get all the lost money back with 1 unit of profit.
  3. (2 items above are Normal martingale formula) For the Super Martingale, the stake has been slightly increased. In order to get extra profit when winning more than 1 unit of money back?

Order of Super Martingale bets

1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, 127, 255, 511, 1023, 2047, 4095 etc.

Let’s try it out in the table. Look from left to right

the eye1234567891011
Accumulated profit/loss121-2541-6-21-5211
CycleCycle1 _Cycle2Cycle3Cycle4

Explain the table

Because in the table in the row, bets have units, for example 1 means 1 unit, here I will substitute 1 unit = 1 baht.

  • 1st turn, down 1 baht, wins, therefore receives 1 baht of accumulated profit, it is considered the end of the 1st round (Cycle1)
  • The 2nd turn goes down the same 1 baht (because the 1st turn wins, so this turn has to go down 1 baht according to the rules). As a result, it wins, so it gets 1 baht. Total accumulated profit of 2 baht. Cycle 2 ends.
  • The 3rd eye drops 1 baht and loses, making the retained profit only 1 baht because this eye loses Therefore causing the eyes to pay in the next order of Super Martingale is 3 baht.
  • 4th turn, bet 3 baht and lose again, causing the accumulated profit to decrease, turning into a loss of 2 baht.
  • 5th turn, bet 7 baht and win, making a profit from a loss of 2 baht, becoming a profit of 5 baht
  • 6th eye because the previous eye won Make this eye drop 1 baht at a time again and so on and so forth.

Using this Baccarat Super Martingale formula to manage your gambling money Help guarantee that we will get money every time, 1 unit per turn, as long as we win. And there are enough reserves, so you don’t lose them all.

every time we win For example, in the table it will be turn 1, 2, 5, 11. In the next turn we will always start a new bet on 1 unit.

Comparison of Super Martingale vs Martingale

In the next table I will compare. Betting money management, both Baccarat formulas, Super Martingale and normal Martingale. How will it be?

eyes at play1234567891011
Consecutive allergic reaction12345678910
Bet on Super Martingale (SM)13715316312725551110232047
Risk/Reward (SM)1:14:211:326:457:5120:6247:7502:81013:92036:104083:11
Risk/Reward adjusted to RR (M)1:12:13.67:16.5:111:4/120:135.29:162.75112.56:1203.6:1371.18:1
Bet on Martingale (M)12481632641282565121024
Risk/Reward (M)1:13:17:115:131:163:1127:1255:1511:11023:12047:1

explain the table

  • Note that the Super Martingale always guarantees a return of 1 unit per turn, even if it keeps losing. But if our reserves are not exhausted, if we win, we will get all our losses back with a profit of 1 unit x the number of turns we lost. For example, I lost 5 times in a row, the 6th turn I win, I will get the money lost. Return all with a profit of 1 unit x 6 turns = 6 units
  • Using Super Martingale is more rewarding as it always guarantees a profit of 1 unit per turn if we can win back. We need a lot more reserves than a simple Martingale.
  • Look at the 7th eye (or lose it in the 6th eye).
    • Super Martingale You must have 247 in reserve to be eligible to recover.
    • Martingale, you only need 127 in reserve.
  • Risk : Reward (RR) is, for example, look at the 7th eye like the previous item.
    • Super Martingale says you’d be willing to pay 247 for 6 units.
    • Martingale says you’d be willing to pay 127 for 1 unit.
  • Take a look at the Super Martingale’s Risk/Reward, which I adjusted so that it can be compared to a normal Martingale.  Look at the 7th turn again.
    • Found that Super Martingale has a lower risk, you will spend 35.29 units in exchange for 1 unit if you win.
    • But the normal martingale takes more risks. Because you use 127 units to exchange 1 unit if you win.

Super Martingale Formula Analysis

The events that cause the formula to work

  1. Some wins, some loses alternately. But overall, winning must be a little more.
  2. Losing some, winning some, alternating with each other, but overall, the loss has to be a little more.
  3. Consecutive wins, e.g. 3 times in a row, 2 times in a row
  4. Losing 3 times in a row, 2 times
  5. Win a lot, rarely lose.

bad performance event

  1. Losing a lot Really unlucky (minus spread)

Recipe overview

For the super martingale formula, you will earn more and more money. quite stable I guarantee that every time I go down You will get 1 unit of money back even if you lose that time. But when I met the winner You will get money back equal to the number of times you play. Beware of bad luck, lose a lot in a row that will drain your reserves. Then die for real. Take your own risk.

Formula Risks

This is a very risky formula   (4/5 risk) .


From all the test results, I found that Super Martingale Baccarat Formula is better than normal Martingale Baccarat in terms of risk. Considering the value of Risk : Reward received, but there is a disadvantage. You will need to use a lot more reserves than the normal Martingale Baccarat formula. You can see the numbers in the table.

And I have a picture to remind people who like Martingale. Haha. This picture is a graph showing wealth. Vertical axis. Using Martingale, you will find that the people who use Martingale, the money will continue to increase. according to the time played But the graph is a bit broken. Go figure it out for yourself, why?

Baccarat super martingale formula

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