Baccarat, money walking formula with a fixed equity ratio

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In this article, I will introduce some simple money management strategies. Better than playing without patterns for sure. In this formula, I will tell you a simple way of making money. Use the least amount of computational thinking. and your money will be bigger But let me tell you that this formula is baccarat, money walking formula, not a formula that helps to predict or predict what the next turn will be. You try to find a formula to guess the color you like. And try to use it with this method of money management. Alright, let’s get started.

Baccarat, money walking formula, fixed ratio

The term fixed ratio here, let me refer to the % of the capital itself. Each day you will have capital to play baccarat games. Let you divide that money into % ratio. If one day I have 1000 baht, 5% is 50 baht. This 50 baht is what I will bring to start the game. stab in the first eye

Understand that 1 round has 4 times of 5%, which is 20%. If you play 50 baht (5%) at a time, you play many eyes, winning and losing together. but in the end Your money grows and your profit increases to 20% (200 baht) when you finish the round immediately. is to stop playing

Now you have total of 1000+200 profit = 1200 baht, you adjust the ratio 5% again, now your 5% will be equal to 60 baht. In the next round, keep playing. Until losing and winning will combine to get a profit of 20% or 240 baht and you will adjust the walking ratio again.

Summary of the rules of the money walking formula

  1. set daily capital
  2. Invest only 5% of the capital in each round. Each round may be played with multiple eyes.
  3. When playing with a profit of 20%, always adjust the investment rate of 5% of the new capital.
  4. So your investment will grow bigger and bigger with each round.
  5. If there is a 20% loss, you will also need to adjust the investment rate of 5% of the smaller capital.

Analyze this formula for walking money.

Baccarat game, money walking formula, this fixed ratio This allows you to always have a constant risk throughout the game. At the same time, if the 5% stake you bet gets bigger and bigger each round. If bet wins, the profit will be more and more. Gradually multiply according to the mathematical exponenial chart, be patient. The more you can adjust 5% of your capital, the larger the amount. Lately, your profit will be as high as you’d never imagined.

And is it a disadvantage? I think the disadvantage of this formula is the least. Because you have a constant risk. Increased profit or decreased loss according to the ratio

Example of 5% ratio adjustment

If you keep winning each round of the baccarat game, your 5% fixed ratio will get bigger. When you bet, you will be able to bet with more and more money. It helps your money grow faster. Wait, in the table below I will show you that 1000 baht with 5% play and 5% scaled up and bigger. What will be the value?

roundcapitalCapital 5% (Baht)Profit 20% (Baht)

But if you try to look at the real baccarat table. It can’t be invested in such detail, for example, to pay 86 baht, it can’t be done, so you will need to adjust the formula to suit the baccarat room.

Baccarat game, money walking formula, fixed ratio
Baccarat game, money walking formula, fixed ratio

Chips of the baccarat room It will have the following chips: 25, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 baht, so your investment will be as follows.

25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, ….

Note that it can be increased in increments of 25 baht, so if you have a 5% adjustment, you need to adjust it to lock with. Money that can be deposited in the baccarat table It can be calculated according to this formula.

Total capital = stake / 5%

If using the above formula You will be able to know immediately that When will the next round begin? Try to apply the application again to the betting at the baccarat room.

roundCapital / 5%Capital (Baht)How much profit will change the cycle (baht)How many times do you win, then change the round?

From the above table, it will be found that the capital is 1000 baht, you will bet 5%, that is, bet 50 baht each, you need to win a profit of about 500 baht, then you will change the round. There is a 5% adjustment again and the money of the capital Your 1000 + Profit 500 = 1500 baht. It’s a new capital. There is 5% to 75 baht.

keep doing this Notice that in round 9 you win 2 turns in a row, you can switch rounds. It’s going to get faster and faster. Make a money flow plan as follows. I recommend that you try to adapt to your own preferences. to be appropriate using the above principles


I hope you will use the knowledge of the game of Baccarat, this money-walking formula, to your benefit. The risks of this type of money transfer are quite safe. As said, the risk is always constant. If the money is more, you may adjust the investment to be less than this, for example, bet 3% at 2% at a time. It’s not difficult. I still have a way to make money. Many more, try to read at this article. If you interested membership with us UFABET