Baccarat Grind Formula – Smart Ways to Make Money with the Oscar Grind System

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Today we will talk about Baccarat Grind Formula. Which is a smart way of making money Better than using our own cents. Walking around money depending on the mood. This formula was invented since 1965. It’s been a long time, but people still use it today. The origin or history of this formula has disappeared. We have to try it. I’ll explain.

Explain how to use the formula.

Grind is a simple payment system. It is used in the game Baccarat because Baccarat has a form interest. The chances of it happening are equal. In addition, the returns on both sides if we bet are very close. (Banker side wins 0.95 times, Player side wins 1 time)


  1. Let the bet count as a round (Cycle) . The round will end. Must have a profit equal to 1 unit only, more than 2, 3… units. For example, I bet 5 baht per unit (1 unit) if I win in the eye. first I will get about 5 baht (1 unit) back. which means that I have finished the round.
    Each betting round should have. The value per unit is the same. For example, 1 unit equals 5 baht so keep doing this until you stop playing.
  2. If the bet wins, we will increase the betting unit 1 unit at a time, but if it is found that if added then the next turn Found that if winning, it will get more than 1 profit, don’t need to add more units.
  3. If bet and lose, let us bet the same number of units.

Analysis of Baccarat Grind Formula (Oscar’s Grind)

The events that cause the formula to work

  1. Some wins, some loses, alternately. But overall, winning must be a little more.
  2. Consecutive wins, e.g. 3 times in a row, 2 times in a row
  3. Win a lot, rarely lose.

bad performance event

  1. Losing some, winning some, alternating with each other, but overall, the loss has to be a little more.
  2. Losing 3 times in a row, 2 times sometimes (not very negative)
  3. Losing a lot really lucky (If found, it will be very negative)

Recipe overview

After trying this formula Overview after playing a large set The result is a steady profit that goes on slowly. Gradually increase by 1 unit, but if it’s lost, it’s not a lot of loss. It’s considered less. Anyone who wants to earn a large sum of money at once may not be able to rely on this formula. And don’t let too many negatives. I recommend setting a limit per day. If today you feel that you have lost more than this amount of xxx baht, stop playing the next day.

Formula Risks

This formula is a low   risk formula (Risk 2/5). If you interested membership with us UFABET