Baccarat Formula dAlembert (Delongbe) Vs Baccarat Martingale Formula

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Hello, this article I will teach you how to make money in Baccarat using the Baccarat dAlembert formula (read that Delongbe from French) This formula is similar to the Martingale formula. where the investment is doubling when losing, but for dAlembert it is not a direct martingale. Now, in this article, I’m going to teach you how to use these two money-walking formulas. and compare to see the pros and cons Let’s see.

explain the formula

Baccarat formula dAlembert is a Baccarat formula. that use a payment system Negative Progression It sounds confusing. Haha. Let’s just say.

“You keep adding more and more bets when you lose. and keep reducing the stakes when you win.”

This formula was invented by the French mathematician Rond d’Alembert. balance of nature (This mathematician really has a sense of humor) and the Baccarat de Longbe formula. Will work well only when encountering a game with a probability of 50/50, similar to the 1324 Baccarat formula, and is a game that pays if the bet wins an equal amount, for example, bet 1 if it wins. Came back 1 more, totaling 2.

dAlembert Betting Order

If you bet on the 1st to the 4th turn and lose every turn, this feature must bet with the following amounts:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …


  1. The first turn goes down 10 baht and then a loss comes up.
  2. Second eye, down 20 baht, push and lose again.
  3. Third eye, down 30 baht , lose again.
  4. The fourth eye was given down 40 baht and lost again as usual.
  5. Fifth eye down 50 baht …. etc.

But if you bet and lose the first 3 times and the last 3 wins, the format will be like this.

1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1


The order above has units . It depends on what number we are replacing 1 with. If representing 20 baht, it means that if the sequence says 2 is 40 baht, 30 is 60 baht. Below I will use simple numbers. The best explanation is 10 baht each.

  1. First eye, down 10 baht, lose
  2. The second eye was then increased to 20 baht , losing again.
  3. In the third eye, the bet is increased to 30 baht, resulting in a loss.
  4. Fourth turn, bet 40 baht. Yay win. The next turn will reduce the money.
  5. 5th turn, bet only 30 baht, win again
  6. 6th turn, bet 20 baht, win
  7. 7th eye down only 10 baht ….. etc.

There are more examples, see the pictures. Practice so that you can understand and use it.

Baccarat dalembert formula - baccarat martingale formula
Baccarat Delongbe formula

dAlembert Baccarat Formula Analysis

The event that the formula works fine.

From testing, I’ve found that this formula works well for events. the following

  1. He wins so often, he rarely loses.
  2. Result in winning 3 times in a row, sometimes 2 times.
  3. win some lose some alternating with winning rather than losing a bit. Or lose more than win a bit.

All 3 events will allow us to get a little money back, although not much, but continuously.

Incidents in which the formula works poorly

Watch out for the following events. may cause a lot of waste, namely

  1. Losing very often, almost never winning   (may be exhausting because the more you lose, the more you have to roll)
  2. There are 3 consecutive defeats, sometimes 2 times (like this, it won’t lose a lot, a little).


This formula is quite easy to use. You don’t have to write or think a lot to use the formula. Stable. Constantly earning more money. If not, the worst is to lose very often, rarely win.


This formula is suitable for people who like moderate risk ( 3/5 risk).

Baccarat Martingale Formula

I would like to compare the dAlembert and martingale baccarat formulas to see how they differ. But before comparing, let’s look at the basics of the martingale formula a bit . The Martingale Baccarat formula is a compound investment. If you can, keep your money steady. The easiest way to understand it is that if you lose, you double down and so on, if you win, you get all your money back. its danger is If you lose several times in a row and your reserves are not enough Might make you exhausted Because of the martingke, if you lose, then you have to invest twice the amount of your next turn.

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, …

Just imagine if you put 100 baht per eye, then 200 baht per eye, 400 baht next, 800 baht, 1600 baht, 3200 baht. In the end, your hands shake and your face becomes numb when it’s all gone. We will lose 7 in a row, it is possible, although the chances of it happening are only 1/32 or 3.125%, so using the Baccarat martingale formula should be careful.

dAlembert vs Martingale

from last topic I understand the principles of the Martingale Baccarat formula, but for d’Alembert, it will be gradually. Increase the money bit by bit if you lose. and gradually decreases little by little if you win Let’s take a look at the comparison table.

Eyes 1 to 6 from left to right1 lose2 lose3 loses4 wins5 winnext eye
Deposit according to the d’Alembert formula123432
Accumulated profit/loss-1-3-6-2+1+3
% Increase Bet Compared To Previous100%50%33%
Invest according to the Martingale formula124811
Accumulated profit/loss-1-3-7+1+2+3
% Increase Bet Compared To Previous100%100%100%

Plus, end the dAlembert expansion formula.

Before finishing my hair, I leave you to try playing the Baccarat de Longbe formula, modifying it to be extended, there are people who continue to develop, usually dAlembert will increase the bet amount by 1 if losing, or reduce by 1 if winning. But for this extension formula it’s going to look like this, for example I am 3 times enlarged.

1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, …

What do you think the recipe will be like? Let’s try it.

It’s done and try to use it. If you interested membership with us UFABET