Baccarat Fibonacci Formula – Manage your bets with the Fibonacci system

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Fibonacci is a Baccarat formula that involves managing bets and money using natural mathematical numbers like Fibonacci. This number is very widely used. Both the gambling industry and the stock market (Stocks also have a Fibo-based analytics tool.) Don’t let your bets be just a gambler’s bet. Let’s make the world more beautiful together gambling with principles like knowledgeable people

Now let’s move on to the mathematical Fibonacci number system. It has been used in gambling games since 900 years ago. It was used to win bets. People here really don’t give up. and is still a favorite take away among players Baccarat and Roulette

Explain Baccarat Fibonacci Formula

Money management using Fibonacci is very similar to  the dAlembert formula where delongbei loses increases the bet by 1 unit and if wins decreases the bet by 1 unit in the next turn. Looking back at the fibonacci formula, it works the same way. But the difference is that if fibonacci loses, it does not increase the stake by 1, but increases the stake in the sequence of the fibonacci numbers by 1 position to the right. And if it wins, lower the bet in the order of the fibonacci numbers to the left 2 places, see below in full. I listed 12 fibonacci numbers.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, …

Fibonacci Number is the next digit = the first two numbers add up.

Take a closer look at the rules of Fibonacci trading.

  1. Start by going down 1 unit at a time.
  2. If losing, place your Fibonacci numerical bets to the right, one position at a time.
  3. But if it wins again, reverse the number 2 places to the left and pay.
  4. If you go all the way to the left, then go down one unit at a time.
Baccarat fibonacci formula
The order of movement of bets in fibonacci numbers

investment example

The numbers in these tables 1 are 1 unit. We can substitute 1 for any number of baht.

the eye12345678910
retained earnings/loss1210-2-5-10-2-50
  • * Yellow means when losing, the bet number will move 1 position to the right of Fibo.
  • ** Green is when coming back to win Then the bet number will move 2 places to the left of Fibo.

explain the table

  • 1st turn, pay 1 baht, the result is a win, get 1 baht of accumulated profit
  • 2nd turn, pay 1 baht (as usual because the last round won at the far left of the fibonacci and don’t have to go anywhere else), the result is a win, the accumulated profit is 2 baht
  • The 3rd turn loses, so the retained profit is 1 baht, and the next turn has to bet on the 2nd fibonacci number, which is 1 baht.
  • The 4th turn goes down 1 baht, loses the retained profit to 0 baht, and the next turn has to increase the bet to the 3rd fibo, which is 2 baht.
  • 5th turn, bet 2 baht, lose again. The retained profit is minus 2 baht, and the next turn must go to the 4th fibo is 3.
  • 6th turn, down 3 baht, lost, now lost 5 baht, the next turn requires fibo, the next order is 5.
  • 7th turn, paid 5 baht, lost, now minus 10 baht, next turn must follow fibo number 8.
  • 8th turn, down 8 baht, win, less negative, then left to minus 2 baht, the next turn because we won We have to move to the left of the fibo number two positions, which is the number 3, only bet 3 baht.
  • The 9th eye puts a bet of 3 baht and loses, thus adding more negatives. becomes negative 5 baht, must move the fibo number to the right one position, which is 5
  • The 10th turn, down 5 baht and wins. Therefore, the retained profit is 0 baht, not positive or negative.

After seeing how to use it, right? For this fibonacci baccarat formula, try to use it.

Fibonacci keeps losing less, slowly

What makes this Fibonacci baccarat betting system different from the normal Martingale is:

  • Fibonacci does not make instant profits with huge profits after a long negative like Martingale.
  • But Fibonacci will gradually make it from very negative. become less negative until slowly entering positive territory
Baccarat fibonacci formula
Fibonacci numbers

Thinking of using this formula, it should be written on paper.

When you will use the baccarat fibonacci formula to manage your money. I recommend writing the fibo numbers on a piece of paper first. It will be very useful. can be used immediately So we don’t have to sit and add numbers. or remember a slightly more complicated number Think about it, if the game is stressful or exciting, it may cause us to miscalculate. But if you have experience with memorizing numbers, you can think of them in your head.

Fibonacci Formula Analysis

The events that cause the formula to work

  1. Some wins, some loses alternately. But overall, winning must be a little more.
  2. Consecutive wins, e.g. 3 times in a row, 2 times in a row
  3. Win a lot, rarely lose.

bad performance event

  1. Losing 3 times in a row, 2 times (not too bad) if this happens not much delete)
  2. Losing a lot Really bad luck

Recipe overview

This formula yields a relatively stable profit. gradually but not much No risk of losing money in large chunks. It is a formula that gives results that are mediocre, nothing extreme if you look at the overall picture, for example, not a lot. It’s not a lot of waste. If anyone is looking for a recipe that

Formula Risks

This formula is an intermediate  risk formula (risk 2.5/5).


For myself, Fibonacci results in small profits. There are no fixed rules on how much profit you get, stop starting a new round. The play will continue to play. Move right to left of the fibo number, making time for us to play. We may play aimlessly. And how to use it, I think it’s a bit difficult to write on paper in case you don’t remember. If you interested membership with us UFABET